Fine Bubble Diffuser

One of the most important and practical devices in the field of water and wastewater treatment are diffusers Which have different types and each has a specific application. In general, diffusers due to ventilation They have a great impact on industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment. Because bacteria in sewage need oxygen to break down sewage pollution And this oxygen is supplied by aeration diffusers.

The fine bubble disk diffuser is one of the most widely used diffusers. Disc diffusers according to their aeration To two types of micro-aerated bubble disk diffusers and coarde bubble disk diffusers Aerators are divided, each with its own application.

The role of aeration in wastewater treatment

The process of water and wastewater treatment involves several stages In other words in wastewater treatment one of the most important units that plays an important role It plays in the purification is an aeration unit.


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