Coarse bubble diffuser

Coarse bubble diffuser : The wastewater treatment process always requires knowledge and expertise. In other words, the use of diffusers in the wastewater treatment process makes this process better. One of the most important and practical components in the wastewater treatment system are diffusers, in other words, diffusers create an important function by producing the necessary oxygen in the water treatment process. In general, aeration diffusers are classified according to the type of bubble they produce in the water and wastewater treatment process: fine bubble aerator diffuser and Coarse bubble diffuser .

In general, it can be said that the main application of aeration diffusers in the wastewater treatment process is in the stage of biodegradation of activated sludge, which is done in two stages of primary and secondary treatment. It is suitable to use both Coarse and fine bubble aerator diffusers. However, it is better to use a Coarse bubble diffuser for secondary purification , because it is a more suitable option and, conversely, in the primary purification, a fine bubble type is preferred.

Types of Coarse bubble aerator diffusers

Coarse bubble aerator diffuser has two types of disc diffusers and tubular diffusers and each of them has a special feature and advantage and are selected and used according to the needs and goals of the industry.

Disk diffuser

This type of Coarse bubble diffuser has a plate and a large number of Coarse holes and its appearance is in the form of a disk and usually has a cap with membranes. The advantage of using a disk aeration diffuser is that it can be mounted on stainless steel pipes.PVC Or HDPE Installed, the material used to make it from PP Or polypropylene with GPR 30% It is combined and therefore has good radiation resistance UV And it has chemical pollutants, has good oxygen transfer and is usually between 20 and 25 percent, and its energy consumption is very low due to low pressure drop.

Tubular diffuser

This type of Coarse bubble diffuser is designed to have the shape of a tube or tube and that is why it is named. There are holes on it that are Coarse and are the outlet for the bubbles produced. The holes in it may always be open or open and close due to air flow.

Advantages of a Coarse bubble aerator diffuser

In diffuser systems, the alpha factor indicates its resistance to clogging and settling of bacteria and microorganisms, and since they have Coarse holes, they do not clog and have a higher alpha factor than the fine bubble diffuser. Due to the lower probability of clogging, back pressure on the blowers and breakage and rupture will not occur. Another advantage of the diffuser is the Coarse bubble .

Because the bubbles produced are large in size, they can combine larger volumes of liquids, in other words, they have a very high mixing power, which means that the solids in the effluent do not precipitate and the process of biological decomposition of sludge And combine it with oxygen, better and more efficiently.

Large bubbles The Coarse bubble diffuser is an effective factor in preventing sedimentation and clogging of the holes and significantly reduces the need for cleaning and continuous repairs, and this feature saves more time and money.

Usually made of PPEither polypropylene or stainless steel are made and the amount of clogging is very low. Because of this, they last for many years. Durability and high strength lead to lower costs and the purchase of new equipment and is more cost-effective. Of course, the necessary cleaning and repairs need to be done at specific times. These are just some of the benefits of using a Coarse aerated bubble diffuser .


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