Coarse Bubble Tube Diffuser

Coarse Bubble Tube Diffuser Large bubble air diffusers offer cost-effective mixing and long-term aeration.

These aeration diffusers are more suitable for conditions that require a combination of air flow and oxygen supply, especially in wastewater with solids content..

Advantages of using a Coarse bubble tube diffuser :

They are less prone to clogging due to the amount of air coming from the larger hole openings.

Optimal mixing capacity in reservoirs with mass and sediments

The ideal solution for the secondary purification phase (if fine bubble diffusers are used in this secondary phase, flakes, sediments and carbonates will form and clog the fine holes).)

Disadvantages of using a Coarse bubble tube diffuser :

Consume more energy to work

Less efficiency for oxygen transfer

Shorter contact time because larger bubbles rise faster through the sewer than smaller bubbles.




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