Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser 

Made by Faraz Tasfieh Engineering Company, it has excellent performance for transferring oxygen to aeration ponds in wastewater treatment systems and fish ponds. .

The diffusers of this model consist of a thin, narrow plastic cylinder supported by a rubber membrane. EPDM it is surrounded.

Tubular diffuser

Cylindrical body material of these widely used PVC diffusers (PVC) It has high pressure and excellent resistance to most chemicals and human and industrial wastewater .

The tire expands with compressed airflow to open tiny holes and release Fine-diameter bubbles into the sewer..

The tires used in it are made of EPDM ( And for temperatures higher than silicon) and have very Fine or medium holes, depending on the use.

This type of diffuser tends to have a higher surface area than disc diffusers and produce more bubbles..

Tubular diffuser

They require lower initial costs than disk diffusers because they are easier to install, although they are not cheap for long-term maintenance..

Application of fine bubble tube diffuser :

Aeration ponds in the activated sludge process with deep aeration

Sludge storage ponds

Wastewater treatment system SBR

Wastewater treatment system MBR

Fish breeding tanks

Ecological tube diffuser or tube has the highest quality of membranes and also due to having a one-way valve, it is not possible for air to return into the pipeline .  .


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