Coarse Bubble Disk Diffuser

Disc diffusers in water and wastewater treatment and fish ponds are produced in two types of Coarse-bubble and fine-bubble diffusers..


LCoarse bubble disc diffuser is used for effective mixing in balancing pools. Although aeration is done in this way in the liquid, but for more effective aeration is recommended in aeration ponds and fish farming tanks of various bubble diffusers.  OXYaeroTM ( Disk diffuser  - Tube diffuser) to be used .

Disk diffuser

A diffuser with a bubble size between 3 and 50 mm is generally called a Coarse bubble diffuser. Coarse bubble diffusers are mostly used in cases where turbulence and turbulence are required, such as balancing tanks and.. These diffusers can also be used for mixing and stirring to prevent sedimentation and homogenization of the solution..

Coarse bubble diffusers are often made of polypropylene and PVC in the form of simple plates and valves or fungi..

 Coarse bubble diffusers have a lower transfer coefficient than fine bubble diffusers.

In deep aeration methods, in order to properly transfer and inject compressed air into water or sewage, the use of aeration nozzles or diffusers is recommended due to the production of very fine bubbles. .

The smaller the air bubbles, the higher the efficiency of oxygen transfer to the water due to the increased contact surface. The nozzles are available in fine and Coarse bubbles depending on the type of application and the size of the holes. .

But for using liquids with high adhesion, Coarse bubble diffuser is suitable .

Disk diffuser

In many cases, due to the need for more mixing and turbulence, especially in wastewater balancing ponds, the use of Coarse bubble diffusers.( coars bubble)Are preferred.

These diffusers have the ability to mix more strongly to direct and suspend sediments and concentrated sludge..

This model of large bubble aerator diffuser is very suitable for mixing oxygen and is also effective for treating wastewater with a high volume of solid particles..

Disc diffusers are produced in different sizes.

Disk diffuser

Each diffuser has a specific aeration capacity depending on the production size.

These diffusers inject the air produced by the aeration blower. Ecological diffusers( ecologix )It has the highest quality of membranes and also due to having a one-way valve, it is not possible to return air into the pipeline..

The 12-inch ecological diffuser is a fine bubble and has an oxygen transfer coefficient with a pad for deep aeration pools..

Also diffuser model of ecological Coarse bubble that snap cap It is called for balancing and sludge digestion tanks.


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