About Faraz Tasfieh

Faraz Tasfieh Co. was established in 1992 with the cooperation of specialized experts, having superior technology in the water and sewage industry. The company is engaged in the design, construction, and installation of water and wastewater treatment systems for properties, industrial units, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and home water treatment. Manufacturing wastewater treatment packages in different dimensions and capabilities is one of the main activities of this company. Faraz Tasfieh Co. also provides packages in different forms such as surface aeration, deep aeration, or RBC aeration, one of the best methods in developed countries. This company is also providing the latest models in the field of home water purification. During the 90’s, due to the growing need of the market for prefabricated wastewater treatment packages, the company focused its activities on the design and construction of these systems, so that now one of the leading companies in the field by operating wastewater treatment packages such as MBBR, ABR, AGFB, IFAS, RBC, SBR.

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