Disk diffuser

One type of diffuser is a disk diffuser that is widely used in water and wastewater treatment. Disc or so-called plate diffusers in wastewater treatment systems, Fish ponds, etc. are used, Disc diffusers in two types of diffusers Large bubbles and small bubble diffusers are produced, Large bubble diffusers have a lower transfer coefficient than fine bubble diffusers. But in general it can be said to be one of the most widely used diffusers For water and wastewater aeration in deep aeration method, They are small bubble diffusers that have a higher oxygen transfer coefficient To large bubble diffusers. Each diffuser has a certain aeration capacity according to the production size.

In aerobic processes, one of the most important elements is the selection of air diffusers. In the deep aeration method, in order to transfer and properly inject air into water or sewage, use Diffusers are recommended because of the production of tiny bubbles. The smaller the air bubbles, The efficiency of oxygen transfer to water will be higher due to the increase of contact surface.

Advantages of diffusers

Easy installation method

Slight pressure drop

High corrosion resistance

Due to the formation of tiny bubbles, the rate of transmission and absorption of oxygen is very high.

Minimal energy consumption

    No clogging problem


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